Systems Administrator

Skills Required:

  • Responsible for the efforts revolving around servers and services
  • Design, programming and implementation of the systems, servers and network equipment that create and support the products that the Company offers
  • Integral part of the organization that plans changes
  • Optimization to control costs
  • Requires education and/or experience demonstrating a capacity to learn complex concepts and apply them in real world situations
  • Good communication skills interacting with persons with various levels of technical skills and knowledge
  • Excellent trouble shooting skills
  • Linux Systems Administration (Command Line)
  • Protocol analysis
  • Basic networking knowledge (IP math, TCP/UDP, testing Connectivity, ARP)
  • Knowledge and understanding or package based Linux distributions such as RedHat, and/or Debian
  • Coding in most common languages available on UNIX boxes with specific emphasis on Perl and Shell
  • Conceptual and practical knowledge of IP routing